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Wild Iris

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From Lander drive South on Hwy 28 toward South Pass. Within 50 feet of mile marker 53 you will turn West onto Limestone Mountain Road (dirt road). Continue up the road veering right at the fork and go uphill. This will take you right to the parking lot. Walk the two track toward the main wall or the other way past the toilet toward the campsites to the OK Corral.
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Short and bulging high quality dolomite way up in the Mountains at about 9000 feet. Pockets and edges are the name of the game here. 200 hundred short sport routes from 5.6 to 5.14b/c. Specific for power and not for endurance training. Super area for the 5.12 and 5.13 climber. Can be hot on the south faces. Season from June to September, possibly November. Popular with Colorado and Utah climbers. Crowded in early July during the Climber's Festival.
The road to Wild Iris is often blocked by snow until May-June. The local shop usually posts when the road is open. Check here: www.wildirisclimbing.com/Conditions.htm
Camping can be had down the dirt road past the parking lot. It's free but not many sites there. There are some pay BLM sites near Atlantic City, and free camping is always available at the City Park in Lander

The International Climber's Festival is held every year in early July. Details at www.climbersfestival.org



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